The importance and benefits of accurate forecasts should not be underestimated
Finger on the Forecast
The measurement of forecast error is just as important as the forecast itself. Many leading supply chain software vendors still utilize antiquated forecasting solutions.  In many cases, these solutions are based on algorithms popularized in the 1960s.  While these systems "work", they are costing you or will potentially cost you millions of dollars in unnecessary inventory and lost sales.
Have the ability to optimize service levels, safety stock investment, and other supply chain costs

Maximize customer service levels on a given investment in safety stock inventory

Individual Light Bulbs
What We Do Differently
Data Cleansing
Seasonal Demand Patterns
Historical demand data is full of anomalies that are unlikely to be repeated.  Promotions, out of stocks, and abnormal weather are just a few of the factors that can cause unnecessary forecast error.  Our algorithms automatically filter out this data saving you time and money.
Group SKUs together using any combination of your location hierarchies and/or product hierarchies to accurately understand and forecast seasonal demand patterns to maintain them going forward.
Demand Cycles
Management by Exception
Day of week and day of month demand patterns are often ignored by many demand forecasting solutions.  However, understanding and utilizing these patterns can reduce inventory, out of stocks and spoilage with short shelf-life items such as dairy products.
Manage the exceptions.  In other words, tune the exception management process to maximize your return on energy (ROE) and focus your attention on only the important situations.