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Manufacturing Assembly


Effective Material Management and Maximum Inventory Visibility P4’s Manufacturing Solutions:


Bill of Material (BOM) Management:

Easily manage single or multi-level BOMs across your operation from consistent and fast-selling items to highly seasonal or slow-selling items. Finished goods comprised of components ranging from short lead times to extremely long lead times are optimized with ease.

Forward looking Inventory Visibility:

Clearly analyze the health of your inventory into the future with a holistic view of inbound supply from a direct purchase order, internal transfer, or multi-layer manufacturing. Monitor how that inventory is depleted by direct customer demand, manufacturing, or multi-echelon supply. This will provide complete visibility to potential capacity or material shortages or other supply related issues in advance, giving you the opportunity to respond before service to your customers is negatively impacted.


Level Loading and Manufacturing Site Optimization


Imagine Your Results Achieved if Your Work Centers and Production Lines Maximized Their Efficiency. 

Work Center and Production Line Optimization and Level loading:

Quickly sync your work center and production line assignments from your host ERP or manage them from within P4. Seamlessly control your production line schedule and any capacity or space constraints in one comprehensive screen. P4’s robust level loading algorithms compute suggested work orders based on the level loaded forecast, service level goals, customer back orders, etc. The user is also alerted when a needed back order cannot be built due to either a capacity or raw material shortage.

  • Maximize Production and Minimize Production Line downtime

  • Manage Raw Material Use and Availability

  • Manage All Product Usage (i.e., Individually, Kit, Sum, etc)

  • Model tradeoffs between cost, service performance, and risk

  •  Free up working capital confined in excess inventory

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