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Overcoming Dramatic Market Shifts with AI

Seasonality, Political Movements, International Crisis, Unexpected Weather…there will always be events that will change the demand of customers as well as the supply availability. When demand and availability are in balance, life is good. When one of them is shifting, we adapt. However, when both are moving in opposite directions (especially violently), it seems impossible to manage; and in many cases it can be detrimental to a business. Times like these are when AI (Artificial Intelligence) becomes vital in helping businesses aggressively adapt to quickly overcome the aggressive shifts in supply and demand.  

Not only is P4 Technologies designed to help businesses effectively adapt with AI consistently analyzing data and determining appropriate actions, but we are continuously developing functionality to help our customers be more effective as their needs change as well. At P4, we provide our customers with dashboards showing exactly where inventory is invested as well as visibility of multiple vendor offerings when there is a short supply.

In the midst of a global crisis, using outdated inventory management methods can be frustrating. Supply chains have become so complex that technology is crucial to be able to keep up with dynamic and vital information. P4 is able to more accurately identify supply and demand using AI along with cloud technology making it cost effective and efficient. People are relying on technology across the globe now more than ever before. In order to adapt to the new normal, it is important for businesses to understand the benefits of using AI.

Learn more about the functionality of P4 here.

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