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Trusted Partners
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P4 works in harmony with Catalyst to provide analytics and strategic personal guidance to our wholesale customers taking inventory management to a whole new level and giving you unrivaled inventory results.

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P4 is proud to have HealthGrowth Capital as a trusted lending partner. P4’s pharmacy customers often need working, growth and acquisition capital and HealthGrowth Capital is the leading non-SBA lender to community pharmacies. 

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P4 works closely with HealthGrowth Advisors to help pharmacy owners optimize operations and maximize profits.  HealthGrowth Advisors understands the challenges facing community pharmacies and provides owners with valuable tools and strategies designed to improve operating efficiencies, free-up cash and drive profitability!

P4 is proud to have Wolter Kluwer as a trusted data partner. P4 is currently using the Medi-Span Drug Database from Wolter Kluwer as our dependable and up to date drug database as it fulfills the complex and evolving drug information needs that P4 Technologies faces. 

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