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Grocery and Food Service

Out of stocks, excess stocks, storage costs and handling costs are all real concerns for food distributors.  To add salt to the wound, excess stocks tend to spoil. P4’s accurate forecasts and sophisticated replenishment logic will help you to:

  • Minimize spoilage – Not only will you have more accurate forecasts, you will have the tools to effectively manage the tradeoffs between spoilage and customer service levels.  P4’s sophisticated algorithms understand the need to turn your fresh merchandise very fast and at the same time keep your customers satisfied with very high service levels.  

  • P4’s sophisticated models will help you optimize the tradeoffs between storage costs and handling costs. Our simulations then determine the most cost-effective tradeoffs vendor by vendor and SKU by SKU to save you time and money.

  • Food can be both very bulky and very heavy.  P4’s load building and load splitting algorithms help you to quickly cube out trucks or split large orders into multiple truckloads.

  • Take advantage of special pricing offers from your vendors or secondary sources.  Forward buy to maximize profits based on your return on investment goals.

  • Effectively manage expensive freezer space constraints (See Video Below)

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