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Wholesaler Solutions
Reduce Total Cost

You will reduce all costs: COGS, operating costs, handling costs, inventory carrying costs, etc.  You will maximize not only your ROI but your ROE (Return On Energy).  Your entire organization will run more efficiently.  You watch moral increase throughout the ranks of the entire company, your customers, and your stock holders.  As a wholesaler, your largest investment is your inventory.  We not only provide the best solutions available to help you maximize profits, we are constantly working to create additional cost saving and efficiency tools.

Maximize Customer Service Levels

You have a substantial investment in safety stock inventory.  Doesn’t it make sense to make sure that you get the best possible return on that investment?  You will have access to the best and most powerful safety stock optimization algorithms and strategies available.   You will be comfortable that your inventory investments are constantly optimized and that you are getting the best possible return on every dollar invested.  You will experience the best customer service levels in your company’s history with the least total investment in turn inventory.

No Surprises and No Waste

Accurate demand forecasts and accurate lead-time forecasts along with the tools easily manage both make your world far simpler and predictable.  When life throughs you a curve ball (pandemic, financial crisis, market disruption, etc.), easily and effectively manage through those difficult times as easily and effectively as possible.

Service Optimization

Get the best possible service levels for a given investment in safety stock inventory.
Understand the trade-offs and minimize whatever ill effect of lost sales you desire whether it be lost sales dollars, lost margin, the cost of rushing product to your customers, or whatever you desire.

Investment Opportunities

Take advantage of investment buy opportunities and maximize profit.

Load Building/Splitting

Build orders to cube out trucks and containers or split orders into multiple trucks and containers

Handling Costs

Minimize handling costs and carrying costs with our pack size optimization algorithms.

Projected Orders

Share your projected orders up the supply chain and utilize projections from your customers.

Alternate Sources

Automatically process and take advantage of offers from alternate source suppliers

Transportation Costs

Group suppliers and/or locations together to create orders that minimize transportation costs

Break Point and Bracket Pricing

Buy from overstock warehouse locations before buying from the supplier when it makes sense

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