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Inventory management and forecasting tools designed and developed by our founder and president, Kenneth D. Palmer have become among the premier solutions available in the market today. These solutions are in use at some of the largest wholesale and retail companies in the world.

Ken Palmer
Founder and President

Ken is responsible for overseeing all aspects of P4 and developing company strategy. He founded P4 on the belief that all parties in the supply chain should have access to sophisticated inventory optimization tools.

Prior to P4, Ken founded Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. in 1994. There, he designed and developed the SCORE Supply Chain Optimization Software Solution, which is still used for forecasting and replenishment at some of the largest wholesalers and retailers in the world.


Prior to Supply Chain Solutions, Ken has worked with AmerisourceBergen as a Data Processing Manager and E3 Associates as a Manager of R&D. While at E3 Associates, Ken also served as the primary developer of the E3TRIM Forecasting and Replenishment System. 


Ken holds a BS/BA from the University of Northern Colorado with a double emphasis in Information Systems and Finance.

Sven Aunapu
Vice President, Inventory Optimization Solutions

Sven oversees many aspects of P4’s Inventory Optimization Solutions including Sales, Marketing, and Product Roadmap.


Over the years, he has had the privilege of working alongside diverse companies across various sectors, assisting them in their journey of identifying, selecting, implementing, and utilizing Demand Planning, Forecasting, and Replenishment solutions. With a wealth of experience spanning over three decades, he has held pivotal roles in Implementation Consulting, Education, Analytics and Sales, allowing him to gain comprehensive insights into the intricate workings of the industry.


Sven’s passion lies in understanding the unique challenges faced by retailers, wholesalers, and manufacturers, and providing tailored solutions that drive efficiency and success. By leveraging his expertise, organizations have been able to optimize their operations, enhance their forecasting accuracy, and streamline their replenishment processes. It brings him immense satisfaction to witness the positive impact these solutions have on the bottom line of businesses, fostering growth and sustainability.


Collaboration lies at the heart of Sven’s work philosophy. By understanding that every organization is unique, and through open dialogue, active listening, and a deep understanding of clients' needs he is able to deliver tailored solutions. By building strong relationships based on trust, transparency, and mutual respect, he helps to create an environment where success thrives.


Prior to P4, Sven has worked for E3, JDA (Blue Yonder), Manhattan Associates and Blue Ridge serving all major verticals.  He is married with 3 children, loves fast cars, the SEC and BBQ’ing for friends and family!

Greg Bradshaw

Executive Vice President of

Sales and Operations

Greg is responsible for overseeing the sales and product implementation for all new clients as well as strategic operations. He enthusiastically joined P4 in March of 2016 after Ken shared his work and vision for the company.


Prior to P4, Greg was with American HomePatient, one of the nations largest DME providers. He was a leader in multiple capacities for over 16 years with the majority of his tenure as their VP of Sales and VP of Business Development.


He has extensive operational and sales management experience and is known for developing and leading teams for strategic and rapid growth. He is a certified trainer for Professional Selling Skills® and Genuine Leadership® Development.


Greg attributes his years of success to a solid ability in developing successful teams while equipping them with tools to exceed expectations. He has taken a three-prong approach of providing consistent, clear direction, appropriate motivation, and healthy accountability to ensure core implementation is effective.

In addition, Greg has developed a successful sales process and helped train sales teams of multiple national selling organizations while consulting with several businesses for improved sales and operational efficiencies. He is a registered nurse, is married with 6 children and lives on the southern coast of North Carolina.

Kelly Goldsmith
Vice President, Education and Customer Experience

Kelly is responsible for customer onboarding, education, and overall engagement. Her mission is to help build teams, departments and companies for future growth and success.


Prior to P4, Kelly was with Packard, Inc. serving the HVACR industry. She had the honor of working with and within every department at Packard. These experiences allowed her to gain a multi-dimensional perspective of the daily interactions and needs of each department. Those interactions afforded her the perspective needed to approach every project and growth opportunity with the needs of each department and contributor in mind, enabling her to anticipate how each decision will impact others for the future. These are skills that she now brings to our customers; helping each team member become more effective and efficient for the betterment of their overall company.

Ryan Bio Picture.heic
Ryan Vencill
Senior Director of Global Sales
As the Senior Director of Global Sales, Ryan brings to the table a wealth of experience working with operations and supply chain leaders in manufacturing, wholesale, distribution, and retail.
Ryan's journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence, integrity, and an unwavering dedication to delivering value to clients. Leveraging his extensive background, Ryan plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing the company's sales strategies, driving revenue growth, and expanding market presence.
Beyond his day-to-day responsibilities, Ryan is a forward-thinker, constantly exploring new avenues for growth and staying ahead of industry trends. Whether it's identifying emerging market opportunities for the company, optimizing sales processes, or nurturing talent within the organization, Ryan's strategic insights and tactical acumen are instrumental in positioning P4 Technologies as a leader in the competitive supply chain planning landscape.
When Ryan is not collaborating with clients or the P4 team, he loves to spend time with his wife, three children, and dog named Brisket. Ryan also enjoys grilling, hiking, watching football and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
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