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Pile of Pills

Pharmaceutical Wholesaler

The drug wholesale industry has changed substantially over the past few years.  In the past, you earned a huge portion of your profits by forward buying and speculating on drug price increases.  Now, many manufacturers pay you not to speculate through various types of Fee for Service (FFS) programs.  You find yourself trying to manage an ever-increasing mix of FFS agreements that have become more complex each year.  In addition, you’re trying to manage or predict LIFO inventories on an annual, if not a quarterly basis.  With P4’s sophisticated and intuitive tools, you’ll be able to easily manage your financial goals to shareholders and stock analysts’ expectations.  At the same time, you can manage your FFS agreements with far less effort and earn every basis point you choose to pursue thusly freeing your staff to concentrate on other critical tasks.


Another recent trend in the industry has been the number of generic drugs being prescribed by physicians.  This trend has created the challenge of managing the ever-increasing number of contracts. Generic pricing adjustments continue to create demand patterns that shift from one generic manufacturer’s product line to another at lightning speeds.  Your P4 solution makes managing these demand changes seamless.  With the features that benefit the drug wholesaler, the P4 Solution will improve your customer service as well as your profitability.  At the same time, your stress levels will decrease dramatically.

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