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About P4

Where The Company Started

While tools for inventory management and forecasting have been available to service wholesalers and large retail chains for several years, sophisticated tools of this nature have not been available to most of the supply chain. 


This is why Ken Palmer founded P4 Technologies. He envisions making sophisticated inventory optimization tools available to all parties in the supply chain.

Today, P4 Technologies offers a sophisticated yet affordable inventory replenishment and forecasting tool that companies throughout the supply can utilize to manage their inventory with precision and consistency. The P4 solution is a cloud-based system that uses bi-directional data flow, between our solution and the systems you currently use, to provide a centrally managed tool that combines the benefits of power and convenience.


With historical demand patterns and real-time pricing, P4 uses predictive analytics to provide the user with a comprehensive, value-driven inventory control system. With its user-friendly interface, completely customizable screens, and intuitive controls, it is easy to understand how your money is being invested.

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