Wholesaler Solutions

Wholesale Solutions that Can Scale to Any Need

Reduce Total Cost

By using the P4 solution, you will reduce both COGS and operating costs. Utilizing P4’s quantity-based pricing optimization, the most cost-effective purchase quantity size will be selected by taking into account the present value of cash-flows of price, inventory carrying costs, and handling costs. In addition, built-in tools will help you take full advantage of investment opportunities to maximize your profitability. Order cycle optimization simulations and other economic models allow you to select the most cost-effective order cycles.

Maximize Customer Service Levels with Optimal Safety Stocks and Accurate Lead-Time Forecasts

Optimize your safety stock inventory such that you provide the best possible service to your customers for a given investment in safety stock inventory.  You will be able to target specific service levels for your customers utilizing a complete array of scientific service level and safety stock optimization techniques.  We not only forecast demand variances, but forecast lead-time variances as well to make sure that your safety stock is as accurate as possible.
Industry Specific

Drug Wholesalers

The drug wholesale industry has changed substantially over the past few years.  In the past, you earned a huge portion of your profits by forward buying and speculating on drug price increases.  Now, many manufacturers pay you not to speculate through various types of Fee for Service (FFS) programs.  You find yourself trying to manage an ever-increasing mix of FFS agreements that have become more complex each year.  In addition, you’re trying to manage or predict LIFO inventories on an annual, if not a quarterly basis.  With P4’s sophisticated and intuitive tools, you’ll be able to easily manage your financial goals to shareholders and stock analysts’ expectations.  At the same time, you can manage your FFS agreements with far less effort and earn every basis point you choose to pursue thusly freeing your staff to concentrate on other critical tasks.
Another recent trend in the industry has been the number of generic drugs being prescribed by physicians.  This trend has created the challenge of managing the ever-increasing number of contracts. Generic pricing adjustments continue to create demand patterns that shift from one generic manufacturer’s product line to another at lightning speeds.  Your P4 solution makes managing these demand changes seamless.  With the features that benefit the drug wholesaler, the P4 Solution will improve your customer service as well as your profitability.  At the same time, your stress levels will decrease dramatically.
Medicine Mixing Bowl
Well Prepared Food

Grocery & Food Services

Out of stocks, excess stocks, storage costs and handling costs are all real concerns for food distributors.  To add salt to the wound, excess stocks tend to spoil. P4’s accurate forecasts and sophisticated replenishment logic will help you to:
  • Minimize spoilage – you specify a maximum spoilage percentage
  • Optimize the tradeoffs between storage costs and handling costs. P4’s carrying cost economic models take into account the costs of storage space, refrigerated space, spoilage, money and opportunity costs.  And our handling cost models take into account the costs of handling eaches, cases, layers on a pallet and full pallets.  Our simulations then determine the most cost-effective tradeoffs SKU by SKU to save you time and money.
  • Food can be both very bulky and very heavy.  P4’s load building and load splitting algorithms help you to quickly cube out trucks or split large orders into multiple truckloads.
  • Take advantage of special pricing offers from your vendors or secondary sources.  Forward buy to maximize profits based on your return on investment goals.
Tires on Shelves

Auto Parts & Hard Goods

When dealing with hard goods, often times shipping and transportation can account for a large cost compared to other industries. Because of this, P4 offers tools that allow companies to build to truckloads taking into consideration size and weight limits. 
Features Built to Benefit the Wholesaler
  1. Service Optimization
    Get the best possible service levels for a given investment in safety stock inventory. Understand the trade-offs and minimize whatever ill effect of lost sales you desire whether it be lost sales dollars, lost margin, the cost of rushing product to your customers, or whatever you desire.
  2. Projected Orders
    Share your projected orders up the supply chain and utilize projections from your customers
  3. Investment Opportunities
    Take advantage of investment buy opportunities and maximize profit
  1. Alternate Sources
    Automatically process and take advantage of offers from alternate source suppliers
  2. Load Building/Splitting
    Build orders to cube out trucks and containers or split orders into multiple trucks and containers
  3. Transportation Costs
    Group suppliers and/or locations together to create orders that minimize transportation costs
  1. Handling Costs
    Minimize handling costs and carrying costs with our pack size optimization algorithms.
  2. Break Point and Bracket Pricing
    Analyze and take advantage of vendor pricing structures. Buy the quantities at the prices the make the most economic sense based on all costs involved.
  3. Overstock Transfers
    Buy from overstock warehouse locations before buying from the supplier when it makes sense