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Smith Drug Company Receives Distribution Management Award for Implementing P4 Technologies

P4 Technologies is excited to congratulate Smith Drug Company for being awarded with the HealthCare Distributions Alliance's 2018 Distribution Management Award for their partnership with P4 Technologies. This is an award that is given to companies that have demonstrated measurable gains in productivity and reduction in costs through implementing innovated technology, processes or programs. Since implementing P4 Technologies’ cloud-based ISM in 2017, Smith Drug has done just that. In just over a year, they have seen a reduction of inventory by 30 percent and an increase in turns by 47 percent. In addition, Smith Drug’s collaboration with P4 Technologies has also allowed them to provide some of the highest service levels in the industry.

The team at P4 has enjoyed working with Smith Drug to help them reach and even exceed their goals. P4 looks forward to working with them into the future as they continue to progress as an innovative pharmaceutical wholesaler.

To read the full article about this exciting award, follow this link to HDA News:

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