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Inventory Optimization Solutions

Harness the power of the cloud to optimize your inventory, increase customer service levels, reduce operating costs, free up cash and maximize profit.  
Packaging Factory



Service and Safety Stock

Your company relies on forecast accuracy for supply chain success and increased profits. P4's robust algorithms create the most accurate forecasts in the industry.

Strike the OPTIMAL balance of what to carry and what not to carry, as well as not carrying too much and not too little. Minimize your COGS by ordering what makes sense and when it makes sense.

Don’t sacrifice cash flow for higher service levels (or vice versa). Whether it is a select group of items, the entire organization or anything in-between, you can  easily accomplish your desired service goals with a customized service strategy that provides flexibility with a very unique and robust management tool.

Our solutions are designed with the buyer in mind. Buyer knowledge combined with  data driven recommendations will give you the best ordering experience.

P4 puts you in the driver's seat. Our platform makes it easier than ever before to manage your inventory.

“P4 has been a game changer for us…we moved into a new world of accurate trend capturing forecasting and purchasing.”

Jeff Mullen

Senior Buyer
Packard Online

Expect More From Your

Inventory Management Software 

Minimize Out of Stocks and Lost Sales

You decide what you are willing to invest in service inventory. That investment will then be distributed optimally to provide your customers with the best possible service levels.

Free-up Cash

Balance inventory investment with service and other financial objectives. Place orders at the last possible moment while still meeting your service objectives.

Keep Your Stores Attractive

Don’t exceed shelf space maximums or allow inventory to drop below minimum facing or display stock objectives.

Investment Buy Opportunities

Any time discounts are offered, price increases are pre-announced, or extra payment terms are offered, maximize profits by taking full advantage of these opportunities utilizing your predefined goals and objectives.

Minimize Operating Cost

Place orders utilizing cost structures and objectives such that overall costs are minimized and financial objectives are met. Round to full pallets or take advantage of quantity discounts that will minimize total cost.

Little or No Spoilage

Set allowed spoilage percentage for short dated products to reduce spoilage while maintaining service objectives. If the two goals are not possible, receive alerts so that other adjustments can be made.

Integrate Your Supply Chain

Turn your complex supply chain into an integrated multi-tier environment where each tier and each location profit from the knowledge of the other parts and the whole.

Reliable Cloud Technologies
Executive Dashboard

You will know by simply glancing at the graphical user interface how the company is doing. You’ll also see valuable projections into the future.

With our technology platform, you’ll enjoy complete reliability, security, scalability, ease of use, ease of implementation, efficient maintenance, and cost effectiveness.

Our Mission

To positively impact the lives of everyone with whom we connect (customers, customers/customers, employees, partners and investors) by providing the best inventory optimization solutions and by keeping our customer’s needs as our highest priority.

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